Born in Sao Paulo, Marcio Kogan graduated from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Mackenzie Presbyterian University in 1976. At the earliest points of his career, he split his time between the film industry and architecture. In 1988 he produced a feature film named “Fire and Passion” with his friend Isay Weinfeld. Between 1995 and 2004 they both carried out 5 exhibitions about architecture and humor.

In 2001, Marcio’s studio became Studio MK27 and since then, it has acquired great international visibility. He undertook projects in Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, USA, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, India, Israel and Indonesia.
Kogan was selected to be honorary member of the American Institute of Architects, and his studio has represented Brazil at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. His projects are characterized by the simplicity of forms and the strong connection between the internal and the external. Besides, he favors the use of raw materials such as wood, concrete and stone.

The New York Times reviewer Paul Goldberger pointed Kogan as the main reference of contemporary Brazilian architecture.
Located in the chaotic city of Sao Paulo, it was founded in the late 1970s and nowadays, more than 30 architects and partners from all over the world work there. Fans of Brazilian modernism, the team members seek to rethink and perpetuate this iconic architectural movement. MK27 projects assess simplicity of forms and are elaborated with extreme care and great attention to details and finishings.
Extrapolated to architecture, “Upgrade” would mean to find overcoming alternatives regarding what is established and institutionalized. With that experience, we found in building construction and development the challenge to resolve the difficulties that contemporary habitat raises on our way of living.
We strive to make our projects a complement of daily life.

Swimming pools, solarium, gym, spa, sauna, etc. They are a whole which goes beyond the mere sum of the individual parts, they represent a lifestyle that highlights excellence.
Nicolás Schnaider
With a Marketing degree from the Argentine UADE University. In Upgrade, he is responsible for the development and commercialization of business.

Sebastián Gaivironsky
Bachelor of Business Administration from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. In Upgrade, he is responsible for the structuring and administration of business.
Jonathan Gleizer
Architect from the University of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Buenos Aires. In Upgrade, he is dedicated to the feasibility analysis of the projects.

Edgardo Fischman
Architect from the University of Belgrano. In Upgrade, he is responsible for the planning and management of works.